Happy Podversary!

Happy Podversary! Our podcast, Sh*t Cosplayers Say, officially debuted one-year ago today. Season 1 had 32 episodes, multiple minisodes, listener stories, guest appearances, live shows (in person and online) and more. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to bringing you more fun and shenanigans in Season 2, Coming Soon. If you need to catch-up or want to re-listen before the start of Season 2, you can find us online at the link below or on your favorite podcast app.

Sh*t Cosplayers Say (buzzsprout.com) Join Elle and Ashlyn of La Vie Cosplay on this cosplay comedy podcast where you’ll learn the true humor of fandom, crafting, competing and the crazy that is cosplay con-going life. You won’t believe what some people say; or what people think they can attach to their bodies with hot glue. Rated PG-13.