Ep 33: Season 2!

We’re back! Let’s get caught up with everything from life, to cosplay, to cons as we ring in season 2 of Sh*t Cosplayers Say! Remember friends; tangents happen.

Happy Podversary!

Happy Podversary! Our podcast, Sh*t Cosplayers Say, officially debuted one-year ago today. Season 1 had 32 episodes, multiple minisodes, listener stories, guest appearances, live shows (in person and online) and …

Ep 31: Shifty Shutterbugs

The common topic of photographers and some shifty dealings has been spreading around the cosplay community. But it’s not what you’d expect. We’re going to talk about how shady photogs are coming after cosplayers outside of shoots and what photographers can do better to help improve the power dynamic that is driving this new form of harassment.

Ep 29: The Plot Thickens

Join La Vie Cosplay for their tips and tricks regarding cosplay performance in competition. We’ll discuss some of the basics such as stage usage, developing a plot, understanding your own skill, and group vs duo performances. Come play with us!