For 20 years La Vie Cosplay has been involved in the convention scene developing education content both for in person appearances and their podcast. Their extensive experience in wig work, sewing, crafting, performance, judging, international cosplay, and competing allow them to create a wide range of content to fit the needs of your event. Any of our 73 podcast episodes from Shenanigans Cosplayers Say (formerly Sh*t Cosplayers Say) can be turned into a panel at your request. Our most popular in this category is If It Can Go Wrong which uses a game board to discuss solutions to common cosplay calamities. New for 2023, Enhance Your Cosplay Moves dives into body mechanics and movement in costume along with Wild Wigs which will tackle the engineering of wearable large wig builds such as our Judar from Magi seen at ICL 2022.