The show must go on and we are here to make sure that happens. A talented host can make your show, panel, or event shine even brighter. We are here to solve problems, provide solutions, entertain the audience, and support the talent. Emcee work often includes either an intro or intermission performance for your event, if applicable. We will do our best to take care of your talent and make sure they have a wonderful experience. We have emceed a variety of events including contests, game shows, panels, twitch streams, and burlesque/cabaret shows.

From our sassy selves, to our bards, to in-character of your choice we can emcee as whoever fits your event best. This may be limited to access to costumes and appropriateness of character.

We reserve the right to decline requests if we feel we cannot provide that character to our level of satisfaction or if we feel the character will distract from the contestants/main event. We believe as emcees/hosts we are there to support the event, not be the event. Therefore, center stage should be the persons performing the event be it a guest, contestants, or performers.