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This week we had the pleasure of guesting on The Con-Ventional Podcast Ep 17 : Judging cosplay with LaVie cosplay! (!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to compete in a cosplay competition? Ever wonder what it takes to even get into this sort of thing let alone how it’s judged? Well good because so were we! We ask the dynamic duo of LaVie cosplay and the hosts of Sh*t cosplayers say these very same questions! Tune in and hopefully we get to answer your questions and our own!

Will Cloud not be hit? Will love live dance groups become the new hare hare yukai? Will technical errors be the bane of our editors existence? Find out today on another stellar episode of The Con-Ventional Podcast!

The Con-Ventional Podcast – You Think Going To Conventions Is Easy? It Never Is!

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