International Cosplay League 2021

The International Cosplay League (Madrid, Spain) has announced that they are postponing their 2021 event. We will advise you when we are given more information in regards to a 2022 International Cosplay League competition. See full details on their Facebook post:

For more information about future International Cosplay League contests, please visit the link below:

Competition – International Cosplay League ICL is an international cosplay competition created and organized by Japan Weekend, the biggest convention of Madrid (Spain). The third edition will be hosted on September 21st at Feria Madrid. What’s the system of the competition? We select a duo and a solo, a couple and an individual contestant. The duo is based on the performance (60% performance and 40% craftsmanship) and the solo is based completely on the craftsmanship, so a performance is not required.

For more information ICL’s host event Japan Weekend, please visit the link below:

Japan Weekend Madrid – 25 y 26 de septiembre de 2021 – IFEMA MADRID – Japan Weekend Madrid – 25 y 26 de septiembre de 2021 – IFEMA MADRID Japan Weekend es el evento de pop culture más grande de España, que celebrará su edición madrileña en septiembre de 2021. Se respetarán todas las medidas de seguridad y se contará con un aforo muy limitado. ¡Entradas próximamente a la venta! (Japan Weekend is the largest pop culture event in Spain, which will celebrate its Madrid edition in September 2021. All security measures will be respected and there will be a very limited capacity. Tickets coming on sale!)