Anime Fusion 2020

Anime Fusion (Plymouth, MN) has announced that they are cancelling their 2020 event. This was our last scheduled in-person appearance for 2020. We are not looking for a replacement in-person live show at this time. We have been advised that the cosplay department will be planning some on-line programming that weekend so stay tuned for more information. We will advise you when we are given more information in regards to virtual programming and the 2021 Anime Fusion event. See full details on their Facebook post:

For more information about future Anime Fusions, please visit the link below:

Anime Fusion – Where Classic Meets the Cutting Edge Anime Fusion is an annual non-profit convention run by volunteers from the Twin Cities fan community. Our organization is dedicated to bringing the classic favorites of anime back into the spotlight alongside the newest titles fresh from Japan. From our guests to our game rooms, we strike a balance between retro and modern favorites. Whether you’re a newcomer to the genre or a die-hard fan of the classics, Anime Fusion is the place to celebrate what you love!