International Cosplay League 2020

The International Cosplay League has announced that regardless of an in-person event for Japan Weekend Madrid this September, ICL shall be postponed until 2021. La Vie Cosplay, our teammate c80sthingamabobs, and the additional representatives chosen from Spain, France, and Portugal shall be moved to the 2021 event. For more information, see their official Facebook post:

For more information on the International Cosplay League, and it’s host event Japan Weekend Madrid, check out the links below:

International Cosplay League 2019, powered by Japan Weekend ICL is an international cosplay competition created and organized by Japan Weekend, the biggest convention of Madrid (Spain). The third edition will be hosted on September 21st at Feria Madrid. We select a duo and a solo, a couple and an individual contestant. The duo is based on the performance (60% performance and 40% craftsmanship) and the solo is based completely on the craftsmanship, so a performance is not required.

Japan Weekend Madrid – 25 y 26 septiembre 2020 en Palacio de la Prensa Japan Weekend is held in Madrid (where the largest and most crowded), Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao and Granada take place. We announce our dates months in advance to prepare everything: from your cosplay to your travel companions, everything matters! Hundreds of activities, contests, talks and experiences to live in Japan Weekend. Visit the website of your favorite event and find out what we have prepared.