We’re honored to have had the opportunity to serve as cosplay guests, featured speakers, cosplay senpais, featured panelists, etc. for a variety of convention, museum, library, and other organizations in our tenure. Sometimes an event needs someone who can provide “the whole package” to truly round out their cosplay programming with speaking, panels, workshops, meet & greets, & more.

Our first love will always be the stage, and we take the opportunity to perform any chance we get. In addition to performing for Opening Acts, Intermissions, and Variety Shows; unscripted, improvisational opportunities, such as Emceeing, have begun sneaking their way into our normal convention routine. We’re happy to bring existing characters to life or develop something entirely new for attendees. Themes & other suggestions maybe doable upon request with advance notice.

You may have seen us emceeing for shows like the Crystal Crown Cabaret or the C-C-C-Cosplay Circus; for masquerades and costume contests at conventions like Daishocon (above),  Anime Iowa or Quad Con; or caught one of our award-winning performances at conventions like the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2), Youmacon, or Colossalcon.

In 2015, we began looking for opportunities to help nurture the communities in which we frequent. We offered Panel Programming, focusing on ensuring our topics & delivery methods were not only Educational but also Entertaining so that the lessons presented would be better retained by our audiences. Additionally, we started providing feedback as cosplay contest Craftsmanship & Performance Judges to help nurture the communities in which we frequent. Since then, we have judged cosplay contests at over 30 conventions & related events. In 2020, we started our podcast, Sh*t Cosplayers Say, and began streaming on-line content as additional media by which to share related themes with the cosplay community. You may have seen our programming in-person at shows such as Anime Fusion, Colossalcon, or the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) ; or on-line on either our Twitch page or in conjunction with virtual fandom events such as Ardacon, Naka-kon Online, or Anime North: Stay-at-Home edition.

While we pride ourselves in being known for our promotion of positivity, coaching of new cosplayers, and for being all-ages entertainers, we understand that every event is different and sometimes you just need a set (or two!) of experienced hands to assist in making something truly unique or special. Let us know what you need and we can work together to ensure the best overall experience for attendees.