Sh*t Cosplayers Say is a bi-weekly cosplay comedy podcast hosted by La Vie Cosplay. Debuting on February 16, 2020, Season One of the podcast featured 32 episodes in addition to multiple minisodes and on-line convention programming. By August of 2021 the podcast had reached 7,000 downloads.

Join Elle and Ashlyn of La Vie Cosplay on this cosplayer comedy podcast in the chaos of fandom, crafting, mental health, competing and the overall crazy that is cosplay con-going life. You won’t believe what some people say; or what people think they can attach to their bodies with hot glue. Rated PG-13.

Our listeners span across:

  • 6 continents
  • 37 countries
  • 46 U.S. states & D.C.
  • 6 Canadian provinces
  • 802 cities
    Data as of July 28, 2021

Season Two debuted March 2021 and is now streaming new episodes every other Sunday at or wherever you get your podcasts.