Below you’ll find a list of panels we currently offer and some of the names of panels we’ve utilized at past events.  Feel free to Contact Us for any questions or requests regarding our panel programming, to suggest a new panel, or to book us for an upcoming event.


Informational Panels

  • So You Want to be in the Masquerade?!
      • Our most convention-requested panel: “So You Want to be in the Masquerade?!” walks potential contest entrants through the process of being in the masquerade. Targeted for Novice/Beginner and Journeyman/Intermediate level entrants, we’ll go over the who, what, where, when, and why of your Cosplay Contest/Masquerade. Tailored to your specific convention, we’ll highlight the need-to-know timelines, rules, judging and other pertinent information to help your contestants be as successful as possible. We’ll also go over posing and stage presence (including demonstration) for both walk-ons and skits as well as give general help tips to help your cosplayers show off their costumes to the fullest. Formal presentation includes Q&A session and audience participation as time allows.
      • Preferred Length: 1 hour
      • Also known as: So You Want to be in the Masquerade, Today?!, Cosplay Contest 101


  • Cosplay Tips & Tricks
      • Our most popular panel, Cosplay Tips & Tricks will help your attendees take their cosplays to the next level! Let your attendees learn from our mistakes and years of experience as we cover our favorite tips & tricks of the trade. Can be presented as either a formal presentation or an information Q&A session depending on attendee preference. Thrifted, store-bought, altered, or made from scratch – we’ll cover topics including construction, maintenance, repair, wigs, make-up, crossplay and anything in between!
      • Preferred Length: 1.5 hours


  • Better Together? The Cosplay Group Survival Guide
      • New for 2017! This con-requested soon-to-be favorite will take your attendees through the ins and outs of cosplay group dynamics. We’ll share with your attendees the good, the bad, and the ugly of cosplay group experiences as we help them have a successful cosplay group project while maintaining current friendships & forging new ones in the process.
      • Preferred Length: 1 hour


  • So You Were in the Masquerade, Now What?
      • New for 2017! The sister-panel to So You Want to be in the Masquerade?, this panel presents an insight into the mind of Costume Contest judges. A brief presentation of general judging criteria and an opportunity for costume contest entrants to receive one on one feedback in regards to their entries. No A/V required.
      • Preferred Length: 1 hour


  • Wonderful World of Wigs
      • This Q&A style panel covers the ins and outs of wigs for cosplay including initial selection, styling, and care. Panel is typically accompanied by A/V slideshow for past progress photos and visual aides.
      • Preferred length: 1 hour


  • Your Closet, Your Way: Lolita Fashion on a Budget
      • New for 2016: “Your Closet, Your Way” is spin on the traditional Introduction to Lolita fashion panel that focuses primarily on tips for developing a Lolita fashion wardrobe on a budget. Our formal presentation includes budget-friendly tips for any size, style, or pricepoint.
      • Preferred Length: 1 hour


Interactive Panels

  • Stage Performance and Presence
      • New for 2016: “Stage Performance and Presence” is targeted for contest entrants looking to enhance their stage presence before the cosplay contest. Skits, walk-ons, and exhibitions will get 1-on-1 feedback in this Performance-based Workshop as they get a feel for the stage and (literally) strike a pose. Blocking, timing, movement, posing, and facial expressions will be covered to help contestants properly showcase both their costumes and characters on stage, thus improving the quality of their entries and the contest as a whole.
      • Preferred length: 2 hours
      • Also known as: Cosplay Tips and Tricks – Stage Performance and Presence, Cosplay Contest Critique Panel, Cosplay Contest Performance Workshop.


Retired Panels

  • Epic Gift Exchange Game
      • A fun twist on the more traditional “White Elephant” game, the “Epic Gift Exchange” brings together attendees for a session of passing, stealing, and swapping of con-related goodies. Gently used items are typically acceptable as are small purchases from the Artist’s Alley or Dealer’s Room (Price point of $5-10 suggested). A limited number of gifts are available first-come, first serve for walk-in participants but those that bring their own are always granted special privileges!
      • Preferred Length: 1 hour
      • Also known as: Ugly Sweater Holiday Party


  • The World of Cosplay Performance
      • The World of Cosplay Performance highlights cosplay performance opportunities outside of cosplay contests/masquerades such as charity work, character acting, international competitions/summits and more.
      • Preferred Length: 1 hour