La Vie Cosplay is a competitive cosplaying duo from the Midwestern United States, presently based out of Iowa & Illinois. LVC was officially formed in 2013 and since then has won numerous awards for both Craftsmanship & Performance including Best in Shows. LK & Persephone combine their complementary training and experience in the visual, textile, and performing arts to bring quality productions to the cosplay masquerade stage.


LK first began cosplaying and attending conventions 19 years ago. Her first masquerade was at Anime Iowa 2001 where her group took Best in Show. She holds a Baccalaureate in Drama / Speech and Studio Art and recently completed her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. After completing her BA, LK worked in New York City in talent management, public relations, and voice over productions. Upon returning to the Midwest and forming LVC, she began working for a local Junior Theatre, teaching various acting courses, including leading a program for children with developmental disabilities. In 2014, she began lending her voice acting talents to the independent game company Game Play Theatre as Iris in Lumin, Land of Light. LK serves as the duo’s primary wig designer, jeweler, sculptor, painter, writer and director and is constantly looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge and experience in all art forms.


Persephone has been costuming for the past 19 years. She was introduced to the convention scene in 2001 and entered her first masquerade in 2002. She initially learned to craft at a young age courtesy of her grandmothers and further enhanced her skills through 4 years of visual arts training and a Baccalaureate in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis on Fashion. Coupled with more than 10 local theatre productions, 5 years of formal music training and 8 years of experience running immersive improvisational theatrical weekend experiences, Persephone is well-rounded cosplayer with experience in both “costuming” and “playing.” Persephone serves as the duo’s primary seamstress, tailor, and patternmaker, although she enjoys occasionally dabbling in other media.